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Chinese Kung Fu Show – Red Theatre

Tour information

  • Aircondition tour coach
  • Cable car and slideway
  • Entrance tickets
  • Gratuities (optional)
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • One way transport
  • Speaking tour guide
  • Typical Chinese lunch
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Chinese Kung Fu Show – Red Theatre

Chinese martial arts, often named under the umbrella terms kung fu and wushu, are the several hundred fighting styles that have developed over the centuries in China. These fighting styles are often classified according to common traits, identified as “families”, “sects” or “schools” of martial arts. Examples of such traits include Shaolinquan physical exercises involving Five Animals mimicry, or training methods inspired by Old Chinese philosophies, religions and legends. Styles that focus on qi manipulation are called internal, while others that concentrate on improving muscle and cardiovascular fitness are called “external”. Geographical association, as in northern, is another popular classification method.
Chinese Kung Fu Show, Legend of Kung Fu Show, Beijing Red TheatreLegend of Kung Fu Show
Departure: Every night
Duration: Approx 1 hour and 10 minutes
Show starts at: 5:30pm / 7:00pm
Show finishes at: 6:40pm / 8:10pm
Pick-up point and time: 1 hour before the show begins
Language: English
Pick-up from your hotel or apartment in one hour before the Show begans, and make sure each attendee will be present on the coach in time from various hotels. Then drive to Beijing Red Theatre (a former worker’s club) – located at No.44, Xing fu Da Jie, Chongwen District Beijing. Upon arrival at Red Theatre, you will be taken to your seat with the assistance of both your tour guide and theatre staff that has your pre-reserved entrance tickets.
The fantastic “The legend of KungFu” is presented by China Heaven Creation International Performing Arts Co., Ltd. (CHC) – China’s leading performance art production company. CHC has collected a group of the best KungFu practitioners of China and invited the best directors and designers of the country. The Show is a must-see production in Beijing for tourists and Kung Fu lovers.
The story tells of about a young boy who dreams of becoming a Kung Fu master and attain enlightenment. He takes the path of a monk in which he must face many obstacles both from this world and his own mind to overcome his fears and to become a true master of Kung Fu.
Travel Tips:
Wear casually and pay attention to the climate in Beijing.
Service Package Includes:
Admission to the Kung Fu Show;
Pick-up service from hotel. (one way transport only)
Service Package Excludes:
Gratuities (optional);
Transfer from/to airport or hotels in airport or remote area.

Legend of Kung Fu Show

The Legend of Kung Fu focuses on a young boy found wondering outside an ancient temple somewhere in China. He dreams of becoming a Kung Fu master. But things do not go smoothly according to his plan. The young monk is called Chun Yi (the pure one) has to overcome many difficulties and temptations before he conquers and finally gets his sacred goal of enlightenment. Many places of the Show are presented like a dream in appearance. In the Show you can find the flying fairy created in Chun Yi’s mind and brimstone of the blacksmiths workshop, where the tools and armor are made.
The Legend of Kung Fu Show is a mix of traditional martial arts and modern theatre. Presenting stunning Kung Fu skills, exquisite ballet and music, this beautiful story in no doubt has become the most loved Kung Fu Show in China.

Chinese Kung Fu Show (Includes one way transport and entrance ticket)

Evening Show for 1 hour and 10 minutes, one-way transfer service, at 1 hour before the Show start.

  • Red Theatre, 44 Xingfu St, Dongcheng Qu, Beijing, China
  • 19:00-20:10

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  • Benedict
    5:22 am - November 23, 2014. Reply

    The Beijing Red Theater presents an excellent show of the prestigious Chinese Kung Fu (martial arts) at 19:30 everyday. My child is very fond of it.